Africa is an immensely blessed continent with great achievements in various endeavours of life. Africa has some of the finest brains in human achievements – global leadership, science and sports. Africa has produced sports superstars who have excelled and dominated their fields of endeavour, globally. Names of such African greats easily come to mind – Dick Tiger, George Weah, Raber Madja, Roger Milla, El Hadji Diouf, Mary Onyali, Benny McCarthy, Abedi Pele, Hossam Hassan, the mercurial Jay Jay Okocha, The Maputo Express, Maria Mutola, Frankie Fredericks, Didier Drogba, Anthony Joshua to name just a few. The digital space is also one that Africans are beginning to make their mark despite the challenges of participating in global events. However, the resilient African gaming community continues to thrive. Along the line came a brotherhood of African countries that have been engaging closely among themselves for over five years and this has now inevitably evolved into something bigger.

What is the ESFA?

We are proud to announce the formation of the representative body for esports and gaming in Africa, the Electronic Sports Federation of Africa (ESFA). It’s the culmination of years of engagement, planning, connection and networking among the leaders in esports and gaming from over 40 countries across the African continent.

Why the ESFA?

Before now, there hasn’t been any advocacy group for Africa and Africans. This continental body now carries the aspirations of millions of these eager Africans ready to show the world what they’re made of.

Over the years, there has been events in regions such as LATAM (Latin America), SATAM (South America), NA (North America), SEA (South East Asia), EU (Europe), etc. but none for Africa. We envisage such events will now have Africa (AFR) as a participating region.

Goals of the ESFA

Foster brotherliness and unity across Africa using esports as a positive tool of engagement
• Using esports as a positive tool to tackle socio-economic challenges for the African youth who make up the vast majority of the continent’s population
• Developing the esports ecosystem in Africa and enable it achieve global recognition
• Have esports officially recognized as a medal event at the Africa Games (AG), Africa’s own Olympic.

The founders of ESFA

At the core are representatives from four countries

More representatives include some of the very finest Africans from the following countries

ESFA’s vision for Esports in Africa and the people it targets

ESFA’s vision is to see esports officially recognized as a sport by the African Union (AU), the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) and the Association of African Sports Confederations (AASC). This will enable esports to be included as a medal sports at the Africa Games (AG), Africa’s own Olympics. Africa has the largest youngest population in the world, most of whom are millennials and generation Z. This is their world, and this is the language they speak – digital.

Here’s what the WESCO President, Daniel Cossi, had to say about the formation of the Esports Federation of Africa – ESFA.

Daniel Cossi

WESCO President

We have been working worldwide with esports and trying to have a sustainable system and also using esports as a tool to create better citizens like we have been doing since 2016 when WESCO was founded. We now have our great friends, putting together a structure for a sustainable and standardized system in Africa. The Esports Federation of Africa will be with WESCO and the Pan American Esports Confederation (PAMESCO), one of the greatest esports ecosystems worldwide, and united, we will make it happen. We will bring sustainability, educational and social inclusion and development using esports as a tool for achieving these.”


All of us at WESCO are more than happy to embrace the Esports Federation of Africa together with the Pan American Esports Confederation in our ecosystem. Together, this family will grow big and make history.”_

In a solidarity message to the African gaming community, founding president of ESFA, Emmanuel Oyelakin charged Africa to rise up and take her place in global esports.

”Even though Africa has its peculiar challenges, we won’t make excuses. We want to join the committee of nations in the world of esports.”

”With the launch of the ESFA, African gamers now have a voice, an advocate, an organization with grassroots developments of players at its core. We look forward very proudly and confidently to representing Africa in every capacity within the digital and entertainment space. Wherever Africa’s future is mentioned, we will be there to secure it.”

Long live the ESFA, long live Africa!

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